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Financial Planning Through Smart Insurance Investment Most people wouldn't think of a life insurance agent as a financial planner. You go down to your brokerage to discuss your life circumstances and goals, and they find you an appropriate insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Irrevocable Life Trusts May Offer More Than Tax Advantages Ensuring your life is considered a sure-fire means of covering final expenses and leaving something for your family. What if we told you there's a better way to invest those premiums that will reduce their financial liabilities? READ MORE >>

Young people often overlook life coverage when shopping for insurance, but getting this type of protection is essential. Things such as hospital stays and funeral costs can be very high, and you would not want to have to leave your family with these expenses. READ MORE >>

It's never too early to prepare for retirement. When you're getting a steady paycheck every month, it can seem like retirement is still far away. But the earlier that you start getting ready for your income to peter out, the better equipped you'll be in the long term. Manage Your Assets READ MORE >>

These days, financial planning can seem harder than ever. Younger generations are loaded with debt, and people close to retirement can be hard-strapped to see how they'll be able to make ends meet. By following these useful steps, however, you can better prepare yourself for your future financial needs. READ MORE >>

There's often nothing that you can do to protect your home from the unpredictability of a hurricane. Even if you scrupulously secure your roof, cover your windows, and tie down your gutters, flood waters can still creep into your house and destroy everything up to shoulder height or higher. READ MORE >>

As a resident of Jacksonville, Florida, it's important to understand how to be ready when a hurricane strikes. Having a plan and a survival kit ready can reduce the risk you face during the storm and the difficult weeks that follow. The following is an easy guide to creating the type of emergency kit you may need during hurricane season in Florida. READ MORE >>

Each year, tropical storms in the Atlantic Ocean head towards the United States. Florida's long cost and position in the warm waters of the Atlantic put it at a big risk for tropical storm and hurricane landfalls. The severe winds, intense rain and storm surge of a hurricane mean that you need to be prepared well in advance for either evacuating or sheltering in place. READ MORE >>

Hurricanes can cause a great deal of damage to your home. These seasonal storms rip through vulnerable communities at incredible speeds, tossing objects into the air and flooding entire cities. In order to adequately prepare your home for a hurricane, you'll need to take some preventive steps. READ MORE >>

Floods can do an incredible amount of damage to your home. While other types of weather phenomena are also dangerous in their own right, floods can quickly destroy everything on the ground level of your house. However, many homeowners aren't adequately prepared for the effects of a flood in their neighborhood. READ MORE >>

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