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Long-term care insurance plans are important because they can help you stay in your own home longer. In the event you do need to go to an assisted living community, the long-term care policy can pay the facility's daily or monthly rate for your treatment. READ MORE >>

  As the changing demographics of the United States (and the world) indicate, the population is getting older. Statistically, that may sound daunting. However, what it really means is that people are living longer, and living longer means more time to enjoy life and time with your loved ones. READ MORE >>

Applying for Medicare involves making crucial choices regarding your health coverage. If you wait too late to enroll, you may incur a penalty and have a gap in your coverage. Read on to find answers to important questions, so you can make informed decisions about Medicare. What Are the Parts of Medicare? READ MORE >>

Restricting Fraud With the New Medicare Card The first and most obvious change to Medicare in 2018 is the new card every recipient should have received this year. The card no longer features the Social Security number of the cardholder. It lists a unique identifying number instead. READ MORE >>

When considering your financial security after retirement, Medicare and Medicaid always come to mind. The former is the premier health care insurance solution that most retirees rely on for care. To help you plan for your insurance needs in the future, read on to learn about a few Medicare issues. READ MORE >>

Medicare serves as the primary source of insurance coverage for more than 50 million Americans, most of whom are seniors. But when there is a need for long-term care, there's not as much of a safety net available as recipients may think. Medicare tends to provide better coverage for short-term care needs and medical-related expenses. READ MORE >>

It's important to learn about what specific expenses may or may not be covered by Medicare. Some examples are dental emergencies, such as those stemming from an auto accident, can be covered when the treatment is sought through an emergency room setting. Basic dental care and dentures are not covered at all by Medicare. READ MORE >>

Medicare can be confusing enough as it is without navigating changes to the program. A number of new changes have been made in 2018 that affect everything from your Medicare card to premiums and deductibles. Here are the biggest Medicare updates you should know about. New Medicare Cards to Fight Fraud READ MORE >>

Medicare can be a confusing topic. From figuring out Part A, B and D coverage to understanding what is and isn't covered, it can be easy to feel a bit overwhelmed when it's time to sign up for coverage or adjust your coverage during open enrollment. These easy tips can help you get the most out of Medicare while avoiding unnecessary health expenses. READ MORE >>

Whether you buy a medical policy on a government exchange, get it through an employer or obtain it directly from an insurance company, health insurance can make a difference. Without it, you might pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a simple trip to the emergency room. READ MORE >>

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