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Florida businesses will most likely see their workers’ compensation rates decrease in the calendar year 2019.  The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) has informed the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation that, because there were fewer on-the-job accidents in the la... READ MORE >>

Important Coverage Categories for E-Commerce Business Insurance E-commerce companies that interact with customers solely online might not have to worry about traditional slip-and-fall accidents, but other issues could expose you to liability or risk. READ MORE >>

Definition of Commercial Business Insurance Whether you are building a new business or are looking to purchase some additional types of commercial insurance, commercial business insurance is essential to the success of any business and is typically mandatory in most states. READ MORE >>

Insurance Types All Small Businesses Should Have Owning a small business comes with a great deal of responsibilities. Among them is the requirement of keeping the business and your employees safe in the event of certain situations arising. Commercial insurance can be a lifesaver in that regard. READ MORE >>

If you own a business, protecting your employees, customers and assets is likely one of your top priorities. You can do this by finding the right insurance policy. The following provides an overview of a few common types of commercial insurance. Workers' Compensation READ MORE >>

Consider an HSA for Tax Savings You may already be familiar with the tax advantages of employer-provided health insurance with pre-tax deductions, but did you know that there are health insurance plans that provide significant tax deductions? READ MORE >>

Why Should You Begin Financial Planning Early? There's no time like the present when it comes to financial planning. You don't need a huge salary to learn how to better handle your money. We've never heard anyone say that they started financial planning too early, but we have talked to people who wished they'd started sooner. READ MORE >>

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