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Employee Benefits Jacksonville


If you have your own business, you may be wanting to make sure you have all of the right employee benefits for those working for you. Basically speaking, an employee benefits package will have all of the non-wage benefits that include things like paid time off and insurance as well as some other perks. Some employee benefits in Jacksonville are mandated by law, including things such as leave with the Family Medical Leave Act, overtime, minimum wage, disability, unemployment, and worker’s compensation. 

There are some other types of employee benefits that some companies are not generally required to offer but they will choose to make them available for their employees. The more that you know about employee benefits, the easier it will be for you to put together the perfect package that you feel is right for your employees as well as your company budget. 

Employee Benefits 

These are generally non-salary compensation that tends to vary from one company to another. The benefits are non-cash and indirect payments that come with a compensation package. These benefits are given by organizations along with salary to help create a package that is competitive and worthwhile for the potential employee. 

Mandated Employee Benefits

There are also certain benefits and compensation that an employer has to provide as required by state or federal laws, which include: 

  • Disability
  • Minimum wage
  • Overtime
  • Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Workers Compensation
  • Unemployment benefits 

Employer-Provided Perks and Benefits 

When it comes to employee benefits in Jacksonville, there will often be a certain number that is put out by the employer to give their employees something more than what is mandated by law. Depending on the company, there could be things offered like health insurance coverage, vision care, dental, paid vacation leave, sick leave, personal leave, life insurance, retirement plan, fitness, and a variety of optional benefits that the employees and their families can take part in.

Such employee benefits are always offered based on the discretion of the employer or they may be put out under a labor agreement. Because of this, you will find variations from one company to the next. Additionally, many companies are now adding perks, incentives, and bonuses as a way to not only recruit new employees but also to maintain their staff. You will often see many companies that are rated as great places to work and they will have decent benefits packages and plans in place for their workers to enjoy. Some unique perks being offered at some companies today may include things like flexible schedules, health club memberships, on-site dry cleaning, clothing allowances, tuition reimbursement, and day care.

Are you looking for help with the selection of your employee benefits in Jacksonville? When you are in charge of a company, it is always important that you do whatever you can to make sure that all of your bases are covered – which will include the types of benefits packages that you offer and maintain for your employees. Della Porta Group is available to go over your benefits needs, health care coverage options, financial planning, liability insurance, and many other aspects of a business that you could use professional advice and guidance.

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