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Business Insurance Jacksonville


When you have any sort of business you are running, it is essential that you have business insurance in place. This type of insurance is vital to covering the various costs that are associated with liability claims and property damage. If you do not have business insurance in Jacksonville, you are running the risk of having to take on the responsibility of paying for legal claims and costly damages. Depending on the nature of the incident, it could be a significant financial blow.

Knowing Business Insurance Basics

Many small businesses have to get a business owner’s policy, which is sometimes referred to as a BOP. This is a policy that brings together business income insurance and business liability insurance in one convenient package. Commercial property, or business property, will help to protect your business in the physical location as well as the assets, including things like furnishings, documents, and tools.

Business Liability 

This is often referred to as commercial liability, and it helps to cover various costs that come with liability claims that may have been made against your business. This is an essential form of coverage should you have a patron who suffers an injury on your property and they bring a claim against you. 

Business Income Insurance

When looking at your options for business insurance in Jacksonville, another substantial portion is business income insurance. This helps by replacing any lost income that you have if your business is unable to operate because of a covered loss. Having this coverage in place ensures you can keep up with payroll and bills while going through a troubling time for your business. For example, if your business is closed due to a fire and the associated repairs, this business income insurance will kick in to help during that time.

In certain instances, a state will require business insurance coverage. You will find that in most states, businesses that have employees will need to have disability insurance, unemployment insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance. 

You may still have many questions when it comes to business insurance and whether or not you need it and even how much coverage you need. A general rule of thumb is that if your business has employees, you should have yourself covered with some type of business insurance. When you sit back and weigh all of the advantages of having added peace of mind, the coverage far outweighs the initial costs that you will face to get your insurance in place.

Do you still want to learn more about business insurance in Jacksonville and what type of coverage your company needs? We can help you when you talk with us at Della Porta Group. We work with clients all the time who are looking to have the right amount of coverage to keep their business healthy in the face of turmoil. We will be happy to go over the different coverage options to find you the right plan and then get you a detailed quote for you to make a sound decision.

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